Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Festive Flowers

This weeks addition of flora sees us heading to the more festive feel. Whilst I myself am waiting upon the joys of a lovely wreath to adorn the front door, I must admit these lovely displays have got me wondering if it may be worth pure mayhem from my cats by placing one of these on my coffee table. I must say though, since the tree gets destroyed one way or another every year, at least they couldn't do much damage here...

...Sorry, was that a famous last words moment?

These are especially eye catching due to the attention to detail my partner in crime has used. I think next year I am going to buy bulk on mini ornaments so she can use those too. Plus, she doesn't know it yet, but I have such ideas to throw at her ready for next years Christmas rush!

This first one covers all traditional ground by putting red roses, holly, oranges and cones all together. But I have to say I love the super cuteness of the little sugar apples.

We keep with a softer range of traditional by putting creams instead of the brighter reds. Plus who can beat a bit of glitter on the flowers. Know this one will look lovely when the candle is lit.

Finally, yep, more tradition... Oh come off it! It is Christmas guys ;) This one reminds me most of the TV Christmas. Films like 'Miracle on 34th Street', that kind of homely tradition. 

And on that note...I would just like to remind all the big kids out there... ONLY 39 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!
 That reminder goes for everyone who hasn't started their Christmas shopping too ;)


  1. Beautiful. It is very traditional. I wish I had more space in our house, I have stopped putting much of my Christmas things out. It's kind of sad.

  2. oooh Kat that would be me too, no Christmas shopping started yet!!! I do love these very romantic and very cosy for the cold nights in :) We have no cats so no problem there, unless the house rabbit were to suddenly jump on the table!!xx

  3. I can just imagine three of these down the centre of the Christmas table - lovely. People keep on talking about this Christmas thing, it's crept up very quietly on me this year:)

  4. Lovely - very Christmassy. Yikes, it's hurtling towards us at great speed, isn't it?