Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Chainmaille Bracelet - attempt number 1

After partaking in Handmade Monday yesterday, completing the blog hop and scouring for other blogs to read, I remembered something that I had sitting in a box and hadn't been touched since bought near a year ago.

For absolutely ages I have wanted to have a go at some Chainmaille patterns, however I have been too nervous as the patterns never look that easy to complete and it would require plenty of patience - something I am often short of. I spent hours at the time looking for the Jump rings I wanted to work with, and in the end with the guidance of a craft magazine went to a noted on-line supplier of aluminium rings. Whilst I look back and wonder why I didn't just go for one of their kits for my first attempt, I am quite proud as I instead bought the rings I wanted and made for a search on a pattern I liked. Once again I question why I didn't just buy a kit, but we live and learn.

However, after spending a little time reading the pattern, I sat down last night and got to work.

I know I need to tighten some of the links up, but for a first ever try, I won't complain about something that can easily be fixed. So here we have a 3 tone bracelet. I threw together some simple earrings to match out of the links I had left. Waste not, want not.


  1. How clever that you sussed it all out without the use of a kit - so much more satisfying, well done

  2. Wow, looks great for a first attempt. CM is next on my list to try. I was thinking about a kit, but the one I wanted wasn't available in the right colours, so may have to wait it out, as buying the right jump rings seems so complicated.

  3. I think the bracelet is just dynamite! Awesome job. You should be very proud of yourself. :)

  4. Excellent stuff there - well done!

  5. Very nice bracelets I love how you display your earrings

  6. Ah I love it! Great for a first go, I'd never guess you haven't done it before.The colours are very me! It looks really complicated and fiddly, I'll have to give cm a try when there are no breakable objects near by.