Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Roses are red, Lavender's...lavender!

First time I've had this week to sit down and do some crafty R and R. I have no coffee table. It is currently hiding under a heap of Christmas decorations that are waiting to go up, and bags of beads, ribbon, cotton, card... in fact, the ancient Egyptians would be so proud of my pyramid making skills. 

But I'm not hear to brag about the mess of my front room. I thought I would instead post some of Helen's new designs. It never ceases to amaze me how a bunch of silk flowers end up looking so bright and vibrant. In all fairness silk is the only way I should go since I have a habit of killing of anything living (plant wise I hasten to add). Unless they happen to be ferns. Then for some reason they love me. 

So here is the first one. A lovely arrangement of whites with lavender. A small amount of ribbon and plenty of green. All displayed in a short stemmed glass. Pretty impressive as far as I am concerned. I have been told that the use of ribbons should be kept to a minimum when doing a good arrangement - stick to the greenery instead. Apparently florists love ribbon to fill gaps because it's cheap, but lets look at facts, I've had a few arrangements that were more ribbon than flower, and they weren't all that. 

The second one is my personal favourite out the two (I know, I shouldn't be biased... but I'm only human(ish)). This was created using ivy, red silk and white roses. They are all carefully displayed in a wooden pot with handle, so ideal for a table dec or something to hang on the wall. Love versatility in all things. I just love the angles and the way the colours really gel to make something that could be quite plain, into something really eye catching.

Once again my partner in crime as she will be formally known to the world, has once again out done herself. I have been assured that there have been more made, and are awaiting my camera to take the snaps. 

Like either one, they will be going on sale via Folksy and Helen has been sure to drill into me that all you need to do is drop us a message (email, blog or shop) and she will happily discuss designs and themes with anyone interested.

However, considering my hands are like ice and I have a pile of crafty stuff to play with on my coffee table, I'm off to make something... well... something ;) And drink coffee... and dream of eating cake!


  1. They look so real I can't believe they're fabric. Toughie this week as I like them both for different reasons. I guess it will have to be the red one though as the colours are more festive - both exquisite though

  2. I spent all my life helping my mum with flower arrangements for weddings,funerals and shows. But I have never, placed one single flower in oasis! I think she scared me off. I too can't believe that silk is in the arrangements.

  3. Beautiful arrangements. The silk flowers available these days are wonderfully authentic as these displays demonstrate!

    My Mum made her crafty living out of making floral arrangements (first dried when that was the 'norm' and then silk) but she stopped when Dad was ill and got rid of all her supplies and baskets, etc. but I am sure she secretly would love to still be doing it as she loved it so much.

    I think my favourite has to be the second one, even though red is not a favourite colour of mine but both are absolutely gorgeous!

    Ali x