Thursday, 27 October 2011

"Party on, Excellent"

It's safe to say that the past few weeks have been manic. But on the up side, all with pleasant things. I will admit it has left little room for hard crafting but has left me with some idea ammunition going forwards.

I have managed to cram in a Rock music themed 40th birthday party where I got to hang with the younger looking members of Kiss, Wayne and Garth from their very own Wayne's World, Alice Cooper, Slash, and a whole other handful of famous rock stars. Okay, so it was my partner in crime, Helen's 40th and her boys as Kiss, but after a few beers nothing mattered. Time was just taken up with singing along (badly) to Queen songs, rocking out with Guitar Heros, and of course, running like an idiot through the house with blow up guitars. Much fun was had.

Which was then followed with a trip up to London and my mothership Forbidden Planet where my hubbys pockets got robbed of cash. After all with my birthday on the 5th of November, is it my fault if someone (me) walks around going, "I want one of those, and one of those, and one of those..."

Which leads me to this weekend. I get to rock out at Alice Coopers Halloween concert in Alexander Palace. As you can probably guess, I'm very excited about that. Though I am now wondering where on earth this Alexander Palace is and why it takes so long to walk from Wood Green to the venue.

Hence the little to no time to craft :( But there is hope yet, week off work next week, so of course plenty of time to craft.

I have managed to kick out a couple of bits. Mainly request pieces for family members, but here's the snaps anyway.

Made for a friend and more will be made, livin' up Christmas

Made as a Christmas Gift, Moonstone and crystal pendant and earring set.

I was approached by a girl at work who loves her chocolate and wanted a pair of earring to go with (theme, not chew on). Now normally I hate the idea of even stepping over the ground covered by others, but when she gave me two fimo Magic Stars and asked for me to add the hooks I couldn't say no. She'd spent the money otherwise I would have pointed her to my second favourite haunt - Folksy. For a 30 second job of adding a little wire... I ended up getting a pair myself. They are much cuter on then this quick shot shows.

Not like I bought the beads, just hooked them up ;)

Oh... and here's some party shots...just because I can ;)



  1. Well you've certainly been packing in the fun - looks like you had a great time. Your makes are lovely esp like the Christmas ones

  2. Sigh. Oh to shed a few years, sorry, should have said a few hundred years. Didn't you have fun. Do enjoy this weekend at Alexander Palace. Do like the choccy earings, def. different. The crystal and moonstone ones are nice and tastful I should have had my ears pierced years ago.