Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Messy work space

Today has resulted in absolute chaos - so all in all no change there then.

I have been busy Christmas shopping over the past few weeks, picking up the parcels from the post office where they have wandered off to when I haven't been in to answer the door. Spent so much money between Folksy, Etsy and a handful of sites that I am sure some of you will be happy for my pay out, whilst I think my credit card may be hating me with a vengeance right now. I was hoping to take some snaps before it got dark to put in the post but with the light failing and my living room looking like I might have dropped a packaging bomb at some point I figured I'll wait until Saturday to have a camera session.

Which goes to say my work space looks even worse than the floor right now.

The good thing is, my little cherries are being set into gift cards, along with their invader and Mario friends. When I wasn't opening parcels that in actual fact aren't really for me, I was busy cutting out the frames for these cards. I forgot how time consuming something like that can be. However I am hoping my hard work will pay off. Again piccys will follow at a later date.

However whilst I was busy with crafting I was wondering, am I the only person that buys handmade with a person in mind... then when you get it in the post you don't really want to part with it?

Not sure which I am finding harder right now. Contemplating tidying my work space, or deciding which items I am going to give away as gifts, and which I will keep for myself. Decisions, decisions...

So to those of you whom I do owe gifts - beware, a thief is loose in the area... I can't be held responsible! They ruined my work space too...


  1. Gosh, your work space sounds like mine which I did in fact clean a couple of weeks ago and discovered that it had green carpet. I'd completely forgotten. Isnt it lovely opening parcels, Christmas coming twice. Can't be bad.

  2. I pretty well only buy presents that I want to keep myself - no one ever seems to give them back to me though!

  3. I know what you mean about Christmas shopping and spending money! My cash seems to flow and flow, on and on.... I just hate to look into my bank account scared to see there my heavily debited cash resources. On the other hand, its so irresistible! this pre-christmas time full of goodies at shops. Crafty stash, hand-made presents, wish lists, hundreds of projects, gifts for everyone... we all immerse in it! Feels good though!