Monday, 3 October 2011

Back to Nintendo

Well whilst I haven't paid much attention to my blog, I have spent countless hours in front of my t.v. trying to perfect my cross stitch. I wouldn't say I'm perfect, but I am getting there. I figured that I could watch a new charming t.v. series whilst geeking out to the past.

Those of you who read my last post will remember that I am trying to perfect my stitching skills in order to make a bag for the other half. A good idea... aside from the fact as I mentioned before my cross stitch skills were left somewhere in the 90's.

However, he loves his inner geek and wants something retro. And being a HUGE fan of the computer game (I use this in the broadest sense - those of you with young sons, brothers and 'big' kids will know what I mean), I figured lets go Mario. The worlds friendliest plumber - and if anyone has his number, drop it by me, I have a radiator that needs fixing before the next cold snap. But, all these little stitchings will not be going to waste. I figure, with my day off tomorrow, out comes the blank cards and glue gun. Waste not, want not. Or something to that degree anyway ;)

So here are a couple of my tiny critters, soon to adorn a keyring, card or some other form of media of my idle hands choosing.

This guy needs a background, but I thought, hey cute enough.

And inspired by 'Know you Mushrooms'

And in all fairness these have nothing to do with Mario... in fact some how Pac Man cherries and yet more Invaders found there way in there... but cute right? ;)

So I am off to 1st Unique Gifts, to see what the lovely Wendy and fantastic crafters of the world have been up to. I believe if you haven't already, you need to join in!


  1. Those are very well done! I did a little cross stitch years ago and what I remember about it was it was hard and I kept losing my place -- so bravo! :)

  2. Now the space invaders I recognise, ooh that dates me the others sorry have not got a clue but they look very good.

  3. These are awesome! I would so want a Yoshi!

  4. Yoshi, never thought of a Yoshi... gonna go make a Yoshi now :) Thanks for the idea hun!

  5. Very cute - love them all!

  6. Really great work Kat - your stitching looks so neat and I think these would make fab keyrings and cards.

    Looking forward to seeing what comes next...

    Ali x

  7. The cherries are very cute - and yep, I remember Space Invaders. Great fun


  8. Ah, they took me back and in a good way, I was useless at space invaders :( BTW, put cherries in your labels... I did for a cherry brooch and have had lots of hits from it :)

  9. Kat they are fab, very unique and would look great on a keyring or similar :)

  10. Cherries! Love them. Your space invader images take me back, you've done so well to recreate them.

  11. These are really lovely you are doing really well with the cross stitch xxx

  12. They are really neat stitches, I love the cherries.
    Good luck in your new venture, I look forward to the updates in your global enterprise.

    Jan x