Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Space Invaders

It would seem the internet has been taken over by retro style. Between the Pac Man buttons, Mother Ship bags and Lego Star Wars cross stitch cuties I guess it shouldn't have come as a surprise that I get asked by the hubby to try my hand at something more fitting for the Geek fashion fall out. The only problem is the last time I tried my hand at cross stitching was back when I was a youngster with a cold, crying over the fact that I couldn't go out with my friends and play in our 'den'.

It was hinted at the other day that he wanted a number of items to fit in with the Geek Chic range, in a number of designs - made by me... I know I should be flattered but my brain is trying to process how much free time I have compared to how much I will need before Christmas.

However I thought I would share the first ever piece of cross stitching attempted with any amount of seriousness as I get ready for what could be a new Olympic event. Yes I will be sitting there on Woolwich Common testing my metal against the best of you ;)

It's not perfect, but I figure if I keep at it I should have it down at some point... soon... maybe...

However if I am being honest I did take five just to whip out these guys. I needed to get back into the festive mood (because watching Elf at the same time wasn't enough I guess).


  1. What pretty decorations, these should be popular. Very immpressed that you get 'requests' from your hubby.

  2. I love those decorations. Just gorgeous. Well done x

  3. Great decorations. I may try similar for some more decorations for my tree.