Monday, 5 September 2011

Handmade Monday

This last week has been a little hectic, but all in a good way. I have a thousand things on the go right now, mainly a way to keep my mind off the of the fact that I may be walking redundancy street by Christmas if my job hunt goes pick up. However, I will have to share these little creations later this week when I've had time to get trigger happy with my camera.

I have decided instead to share with you the creation of a friend of mine. She wanted to give me something I could keep after my wedding. She knows I have a respect for people who create lovely cards and so tried her hand and the card arts. I have to say it is one of the most thoughtful things I was lucky enough to receive from the wedding - simply because she put so much thought into the colour schemes and themes. So here is my card, one that I am going to frame and put somewhere where everyone can see it. As I am sure you will all agree, she put a lot of effort and handwork into this.

Whilst I can dream of being able to create something so lovely, I am going to keep this post short and head over to 1st Unique Gifts where I can see what other lovely people have been doing this week!

I will be back to later document my Christmas decoration domination ;) But that's because I just LOVE Christmas!!!


  1. That is so unusual. Your friend should be justly proud of herself. Tell her well done.

  2. What a beautiful and very different card. I can tell she had you in mind when she made it!

    Hope you're not made redundant (but I have to tell you redundancy was the best thing to happen to me - difficult at the time but led to good things!) x

  3. I love the different colours she has used on her card, good inspiration for me! x

  4. Sorry to hear that you have the threat of redundancy looming but see it as a new beginning rather than an ending...

    Lovely card - your friend should be very proud and I am not surprised you were so touched by it.

    Looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations - as you know, I am already in full swing!!

    Ali x

  5. What a lovely card, I hope you get many years of enjoyment from it.

  6. I love the colours of the card and the butterfly. A great keepsake.

  7. I really hope the job situation turns out for the best but like Wendy and Ali said, it may be a new beginning.
    What a lovely reminder of your wedding, your friend should get into the card making business. The roses are gorgeous.


  8. A beautiful card and fits so well with the occasion, it will look really good in a box frame. A lovely keepsake.

    Jan :)

  9. What a very thoughtful gift that card is
    sorry to here about your redundancy hope you get things sorted soon xx

  10. thats a very lovely card, truly original as the roses are black.
    i hope your redundancy problem will be resolved soon. good luck, keep up strong!