Friday, 8 June 2012

Spring Throw Out

So over the past week or so I haven't been that creative. Mainly because I have been brutal. I have been routing around the cupboards and boxes and deciding what has to go. Over the next few days I will be busy still trying to take that snap shot to throw up on ebay. Everything else will see the inside of a Charity shop. Whilst I love to upcycle there comes a point when you hoard just far too much stuff and you know it will be that age old 'I'll get round to it one day'. If anyone is interested I will be selling a job lot of beads at the back end of next week (I'll post a pic and a link). The whole ebay thing I am afraid, but you are more than welcome to take a chance.

I have had time to knock up a few makes. I am busy cross stitching my little heart out at the moment. I just wish the bus journey to work was a little quieter in the morning so I could do some on my way to work. Can't have everything though.

No my makes are jewellery again. Though very much not my norm. I have gone for a more vintage feel with the last couple of pieces I have created.

I think it's about time I jumped in at the deep end and started to get my head around some wire work. I keep saying I will then chicken out. 

Other than that I did knock up this book mark. Didn't take long but I just loved I had enough of the lettering to make the phrase.

Which reminds me - The Hobbit is out soon peeps. Hope we all have our geek one ;)

In the mean time I have more sorting to do and more threads to untangle. All whilst watching a rerun of Top Gear. Can tell the other half is off can't you. 


  1. Lovely bracelet - looks very special. I too am looking forward to The Hobbit, but will it be as good as Lord of the Rings? Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a good week-end. Jo x

  2. The jewellery is gorgeous, I really love that big bead on the bracelet. The bookmark is fab! I am looking forward to the Hobbit (and not *just* because Aidan Turner is in it)though I am trying not to set my expectations too high , LotR was soooo good ( I was obsessed with it and used to watch my extended DVD's back to back all in one day- *blush*), it has a lot to live up to.


  3. Hope it's as good as the book! You tweeted for new craft blogs to read, I've resurrected mine and would love you to swing by (and anyone else for that matter!).