Wednesday, 30 May 2012

When it doesn't go your way, but it isn't bad.

So a number of things have happened today. This first thing I did was curse the fact that this is the first two days off in a run I've had in the past few weeks. We lost a member of staff and as a result I fell for the old 'Do you want to do some over time? It's paid'. Now generally I say no... however I do need to pay some bills so swings and roundabouts. My fault so I can't complain too much. Apart from the fact the alarm went off at 6am for the hubby to get up. He didn't move until I crawled out of bed to turn the alarm off. Not impressed. No lie in for me then.

Thought I would cheer myself up and went on the hour long bus journey to our nearest Hobbycraft. That was fun in all fairness. I ended up spending a small fortune. Got some funky beads I've been looking at for months which I've already started working with. Some more felt. Can never have enough felt. Magazines - just because they are a bus journey staple and done.

I then thought I would be sensible. I have managed to rip two pairs of jeans in the space of two weeks. Do you think I can find a standard pair of black, boot leg, long length, no frills jeans anywhere? Like hell I can. Disappointment there.

Cleaned out the kitchen cupboards when I got home only to be completely surprised at how much crap I had stashed in there that had gone off. Naughty me.

So I finally decided I needed a break from it all. The cleaning can wait until tomorrow and the blogging can be the stress release :)

Most of my makes recently have been small items - mainly supply and demand in all fairness. So whilst today I am indulging in something more extravagant I am yet to have the pictures to show for it. That comes tomorrow after I attempt to at least try and clean the house a bit. Not only that I need to get my butt into gear and get my pics uploaded for the CRAFTfest event.

Memo to self: maybe total self employment is not your calling. You at least need to be partially organised.

However here are a few of my newer items just so this isn't a picture-less post.

Just to end this post on a random note:

I am currently trying to gut the house of all the rubbish I don't need. Have you every noticed some weeks you never have a full bin and the weeks you really need more space the dustbin men are always a day late.

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