Friday, 11 May 2012

No time to waste!

I really don't seem to be able to find a balance at the moment. Every time I think I have a few spare minutes to blog I end to being caught up in some other mundane event. Either that or hubby won't leave the computer. I think it is time I think about getting a laptop. Even though I hate laptops. Those little mouse pad thingys and then the fact you can sit it on your lap. T.V. dinners revisited or something.

However, since I do have a spare five now I thought I would do something creative and post. Then catch up with other peoples posts and have a good read and a comment here or there. That's my morning set :)

So as you can tell from the mini rant things have been quite hectic over here. The reality of work has been pushing me to limits that shouldn't exist. Mainly because we are now short on staff and 6 day weeks are cripplers. Especially when you are trying to run a second business on the side. However, this is a means to an end and the extra cash means I can by more beads and materials.

I have been working hard on some plushie monster patterns and have spent a fair amount of my 'yet to go in the bank' wages on furry material. In the next day or some, and with a little luck I should get down to some sewing and cutting and get some plushies on the rise so to speak. Just undecided on if I should create my own eyes or spend out and go for some glass eyes. I guess I need to search for a cheap supplier here in the sunny UK.

I have had a good week in sales which is always a bonus. As word of mouth spreads about our online presence I have been getting more hits on the old Folksy store - just goes to show that patience does pay off.

I don't have much to show you in the way of new creations but here are a few photos anyway.

So not much to show for my time at the moment. But keep posted. So looking forward to getting these plushies done :)

Plus with a little luck, I might have something to show on Handmade Monday as I have missed out over the past couple of weeks. Only myself to blame...


  1. Love the jewellery, the colours are lovely, I haven't got a laptop now but when I did I used a regular mouse, I could never get on with the integrated mouse, it was a bit like a wonky supermarket trolley and never took me to where I wanted to go.

    Jan x

  2. Love the colours of the first one. I have a laptop but can't use that little square thing so got a mouse for it- much easier! (when I have it on my lap I have the mouse on the arm of the sofa - works well!) Mich x

  3. Love the jewellery, the purple one is fab (big and bright, just what we need with all this rain)
    I love my laptop and its little touch square thingy, the only trouble with it is I tend to end up looking like a T rex when I use it because my arms go all folded and short(if that makes any sense!).Probably because I don't have it on my lap.