Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mini Monsters are everywhere, even a Charity event?

I haven't been very productive this week.

My boss went away on holiday last week which left me in charge of the store. When you are relatively new to any company, when you are first left alone it's always a little daunting. A couple of days here and there are one thing, but in 10 days a lot can happen.

Boss guy returned to work yesterday. Pointed out loads of things that hadn't been done or been done wrong. You know what made it worse though. He didn't scream, shout or pull me in the office to be berated. It was just a 'Well the store was busy isn't a excuse' or 'Going forward this is what you should do...' Of all the options available I would have been happier if he screamed and shouted.

However, because I've worked longer hours to earn the money to keep my craft addition alive, I have been too tired to do much at all. Apart from sew up dozen of Monster keyrings. Some are waiting for magnets to be put on their backs so they can live on fridges and others are waiting to be attached to a wreath (yes you did read that right).

It then occurred to me that whilst these guys sell well, they haven't sold well enough to warrant the amount I have just knocked up.

I have decided that to correct the issue, and as they don't take long to make or cost much money at all - I will be giving a free mini monster away with every purchase I make on my Folksy store for the next 4 weeks. My version of a summer sale.

So that solved that.

I have another problem however.

I have been asked to take part in a charity event that will happen in August. It's for a charity called 'Heal the World for Children'. The idea is I can sell my wares to people who come to the fate/fair event, however need to provide something for under privileged kids. Now I am not being rude when I say this, but I don't do kids charities. I don't do charities based on illness or Africa. Not because they are not worthy, and not because I disagree with what these people are doing to raise awareness. It's just a fact that I love a good animal charity. I donate monthly to WWF, RSPCA and Cats Protection. Ask me to do an event for these guys and no issues at all. However I don't have a maternal bone in my body and I have no idea what to do with kids whose ages will range from 2 to 13.

So parents, friends of parent, people that want to be parents, sisters and brothers of younger people - what on earth can I provide as a task/give away. It has to be 100% kid friendly, cost effective (it comes out of my pocket - I get the advertising for free that way) and has to stand out! Most of the mini monster guys are out then.

Answers on a postcard? Or below whichever!

So you all have a mission if you choose to accept it. Well two actually.

1. I need some event ideas suitable for sprogs of all ages.
2. Buy something in my Folksy store and get a free Mini Monster


Kidding on the last one.

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  1. Your Monsters are utterly charming. I know they are supposed to be key rings but you could say they are for school bags etc., they would fit the bill admirably.