Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fairies for all Seasons

So I have been working on my new project.

It's VERY simple, but I think once I've completed them (these are yet to be finished off) they should look quite effective...

...I just wanted to do something different on my Christmas tree this year. Yeah okay so everyone has been saying 'Already?' however I do need to point out it's only 181 days away :)

Not only that, as I was making these up I thought I would experiment with some effects, colours and beads... hang them in a window, in a green house, in your little girls bedroom... Got a plan going. They are just little heads with beaded wire or flowers, leaves and ribbon just grouped together. They currently need more ribbon and beads, but that shouldn't take long at all.

Excuse the photos, they do no justice. There are some bits I need to play with and adjust, but I just wanted to share these little fairies with you. I am hoping I will have time to take some better photos over the next day or so. I have pink, red, lilac and silver all sat in the wings too. No pun intended :D