Thursday, 28 June 2012

Liebster Award

So going back a while ago I was nominated for a Liebster award which was FANTASTIC! Then going back two days ago, it happened again. Now getting nominated once for something is an amazing feeling. Knowing that someone out there is reading the stuff you type, normally at random in my case. But to have it happen twice, yes this adult was that kid in the candy store again. So here is my post dedicated to my second nomination. Know what the best thing is though? One round is never enough, considering the amount of blogs I love to read up on, I can never decided on who to put forward. I never have enough nomination spaces. So this totally rocks :)

If you didn't know the Liebster award is designed for bloggers with less than 200 followers.

This nomination comes from Love Lemon. A blog I have recently signed up to reading and a total treat. So if you aren't already following... make sure you correct the issue now!

So firstly for the rules.
1. Each person my write 10 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and then come up with 11 questions of your own to ask the people you will be nominating.
3. Choose 10 people to nominate and link them to your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember - no tagging to person that tagged you!

10 things about myself you may or may not wish to know.

1. I genuinely believe that spiders are from outer space and they are currently in a bid to take over the world, working closely with rabbits and fish to take down the human populace. Nope, I'm not joking!

2. I love the Greek tipple Metaxa. Gimmie a glass of that 12 star any day of the week.

3. Eddie Izzard is my favourite stand up comedian... followed closely by a tune tinkered out by Mr Tim Minchin.

4. I am currently trying to work out where I want to go on holiday next year. The Euro zone is out.

5. I love the art work of Salvador Dali.

6. I find it really hard to just relax. I can't sit and do nothing without feeling guilty.

7. As a child (and deep down, it still applies) I always wanted to do a voice over for a Disney film character.

8. I wish it was Christmas every day and if I could I would set up my very own Christmas Store selling nothing but hand made goodies and gifts.

9. I never feel anything I make is good enough.

10. I currently don't own my own house and resent having to pay rent to a landlord that doesn't pick up his phone. Still holding out for the lottery ticket... that will be found on the street as I don't play it :)

Answer the questions set by the tagger:

1. Where in the world would I most like to visit?
That's a toughie. I love to travel. I guess it would have to be Japan. That is one place that really gets my imagination and curiosity going.

2. What song always makes you want to get up and dance?
Being a rock chick I tend to want to hang out by the bar more than I want to get up and dance, however I do have a soft spot for Kenny Loggins 'Footloose'. They used to play it when I worked at B&Q and since I worked the night shift if I was alone down an aisle I would always try to bust out the 80's moves.

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! The one that sticks with me is the infamous Garfield, however I do have a secret - I loved the Care Bears (and I currently own the movies on DVD - and still watch them from time to time lol).

4. What is the favourite home in your room and why?
In this house I actually don't like any of the rooms currently. Everything is so cluttered. In my old house, when I lived with the parentals it was my bedroom. It was huge and I would spend hours just drawing or reading. I wasn't a very social kid.

5. What is your most treasured piece of jewellery and why?
My father died when I was 15 and years before hand he went on holiday to Greece where he purchased a plain chunky silver ring. It was a little small for him so he gave it to me on evening when he was dropping me off at a friends Halloween party. Just said I could have it. For years I never took it off, however since putting on weight it sits in my jewellery box. Hopefully I can put it on again soon.

6. What was your best holiday and why?
I have been very lucky and up until the past 5 years or so I used to go away every year. However the best holiday I ever had was perhaps in Skiathos. I went there with my hubby (who was just bf then). It was so relaxing and the whole holiday was just perfect. Even the day we had the huge thunderstorm and the streets flooded. Been to Greece? Yes, there was poop floating in the street... but we just found it do funny. Watching everyone else freak out. So much fun.

7. What is your favourite quote/lyric?

8. What is your favourite book?
A series of books I'm afraid - The Dragons of Pern series by Anne McCaffery. Best book I think would be Dragon Song.

9. Which item can you not be without on a daily basis?
My watch. I don't do late.

10. Are you a tea or coffee person?
Coffee every time.

11. What was the last film you watch?
'Pirates of the Carrabean - Dead mans Chest' - currently have 'At Worlds End' on whilst typing this.

My 11 questions to my little nominees!
1. What's you favourite seasonal holiday and why?
2. Are you a cat person, a dog person, or a people person?
3. What was you most embarrassing moment and why?
4. What is your number one pet hate?
5. What is your idea of a nightmare day?
6. What did you most want to be when you were a kid?
7. What's your favourite film?
8. What is the worst item of clothing you have ever worn?
9. What trait of you personality of you proudest of and what trait do you wish never existed?
10. Mothers cooking or a meal out?
11. Your 5 holiday abroad must haves?

Finally my nominees are: 
1. Buy Handmade British
2. Fiddly Fingers
3. Audrey's Cat
4. Highland Monkeys
5. mcrafts - the blog
6. redneedle sewing
7. Scrumptious Textiles
8. Teddy Wares and Flutterbies
9. Kayleigh Ann's Journal
10. Crochet Shaz


  1. Aww, thank you so much for the nomination! That's really sweet of you <3

  2. Wow Thankyou! I think I have an unposted one of these already too I just never got around to finishing it