Saturday, 28 July 2012

3...2...1... Relaunch. GIVEAWAY!! WOO-HOO

Anybody that tells you all you need to do is organise your time to get everything sorted - well they lie. Either that, or I just have zero points in that area of skill. I have tried time and again over the past 6 months to get the time together to write regular posts. So much so I have failed at every hurdle. 

I got rid of my old phone, got me a nice snazzy one. Realised I could read other peoples blogs whilst hubby took control of the computer... then realised that every time I tried to post a comment it wouldn't send through. Worked out how to get over that hurdle. Found out why I couldn't post on my own blog via my phone. Jumped that bad boy too. Realised I could then download a Dropbox app to my phone... and there goes the next hurdle. Then it all fell into place. I don't need a laptop - just the desk top once in a whilst and my trusty old Galaxy Note. 

When I got everything sorted I then checked out how often I posted in the past couple of months - My head hangs in shame!

So I then took to crafting, photo snapping, Dropbox saving, Picmonkey using, caffeine drinking and general hell raising. 

I have no excuses! I am set up and ready to blog with a vengeance. This gal is on a mission to get back to not just reading/unable to comment on the old blog world, but comment, read and type. I CAN TYPE AGAIN. Modern technology often eludes me, however I now have it's evil plans in my grasp. Either that or I read the instruction manual without realising it :)

So to celebrate my relaunch back to the world of crafty goodness I thought I would host a mini giveaway. I recently sorted out my beads, scrap booking odd and ends and other items of fun, just to find that I had things sitting there I have never touched. These items need a loving home! So I put a load of items in a glass jar and there they sit... Until one of you fantastic fans get to be named the winner. I am afraid the jar stays with me, however you will get everything in that jar and maybe a couple of extra goodies too :)

It would be great if you could join the fun. Make this relaunch a great way to celebrate all things handmade! All I want you to do with leave a comment at the end of this post telling me what you love most about buying handmade. I will announce the winner on Saturday evening next week. Of course the winner will be picked at random. 

So here's just a small amount of what you could win (like I said, I have a few extra goodies that may find their way into the package a good surprise).

Get your friends along too. The more the merrier. Happy crafting and good luck!


  1. Buying handmade means that I get a little piece of someones heart in the creation, the thought, the time and the design that goes into each item is an investment from the creator to me.

  2. OOhh lots of goodies there. I love handmade as I know somebody has taken the time and effort to make something they know I would like, which makes it an extra special gift.
    Well done on getting your blogging mojo back!

  3. Ooooh! These look very interesting! I like handmade because I love the fact that each item made contains a little bit of the maker! This is what makes it special.

  4. I like handmade because it can never be replicated again. It is truly unique and made with loving care. Glad you have got yourself sorted :)

  5. I love handmade stuff because it's unique. Two things may look similar but there is always a subtle difference, making what I buy 'one of a kind'.

  6. Glad to hear your back blogging. I sometimes think the more effort we put into thinking about getting something done the more we don't complete it. I've been redecorating my daughters room for 2 months, she moved back in from Uni that's my excuse for the delay.
    Your giveaway looks gorgeous lots of lovely colours.
    Why buy handmade, you've got something original, maybe a one off and it looks so different from the high street.

    Ali x