Sunday, 29 July 2012

Time consuming and not the best day for it

Well, so far so good. Post two after a dig back into the blogging world.

Today I thought I would try and catch up with taking photos of my makes, smartening up the ones I already had as the lighting to too dark in some and finally getting everything loaded to the relevant sight. Whilst I have done some snapping the light has not been great and I couldn't be bothered with the light box today. As a result I think I have about 5 items snapped - most of which I can't really use. A shame, however tomorrow is another day.

I have been digging into my cross stitching recently and been visiting one of my favourite Etsy stores to get yet more PDF's. If you haven't already, and if you like manga style images, check out PDFcrossstitch. Love their designs and so much fun to tackle.

Can you guess what it is yet?

I've made and sold lots of jewellery over the last few weeks, again mainly to friends, family and the word of mouthers, however little by little sales on line are picking up. Hopefully things will continue to grow. 

I don't have many photos for you I am afraid however here are a couple of recent accomplishments.

And something a little less craft related...

As some of you know we lost one of our cats going back in April (part of the reason I think I lost my blogging mojo). We quickly jumped in and got another kitten. It was touch and go for a while. Our older tom, Garfield really didn't take to her and she did nothing but hiss and spit all the time. However as the weeks have gone on she has settled in well and now acts more like a dog than a cat. I have a shadow wherever I go. Cute but slightly annoying when I am trying to get jobs done. 

There is one other issue...

She LOVES to eat paper! Bills, envelopes, contracts, designs, books... House rule one: NEVER leave your paperwork unattended - because the cat might eat your homework!

Finally, in order to celebrate my mojo returning I would like to invite you all for a chance to win a ma-hoo-sive pile of crafty goodies. I am currently doing a give away and you are more than welcome to join. Just comment on the previous post (Relaunch Giveaway <----- heres the lil' link :) ) The more the merrier.

Now off to Handmade Monday

Thanks for the mooch :D


  1. Love the sweetie keyring! Lovely kitty cat strange that she likes paper, mine enjoys stealing shiny things and hiding them hee

  2. I love the sweetie keyring too! The kitty picture is so sweet. My daughter's cat likes to eat magazines (we had a rabbit that did that too!)

  3. That little heart shaped clock face is gorgeous and so is your new little kitten, although you didn't mention her name!
    By the way, thanks for the Liebster Blog Award, I'm working on nominating others as we speak :)

  4. I like the item you chose as your feature photo on handmade Monday. Not heard of the excuse 'my cat ate my homework' but might come in useful one day! :) Hope you have a good week.

  5. Good you have your mojo back they do go on holiday so best to give in gracefully. Think the x stitch could be a baby, such cute designs.

    Paper for young animals is fair game as are bits of fabric and anything else that looks like fun

  6. The cat eats paper? I'm surprised it didn't go fo the yummy sweetie key rings ;)

  7. Love your beautiful jewellery, one of our cats eats plastic bags haha :)

  8. Your jewellery is gorgeous, love the sweets.
    Lucky you a new kitten, you didn't want the bills anyway, did you. I have to say I love your blog design. The design on your sidebar is lovely. Will check out your giveaway.
    Ali x

  9. your little kitty is so cute! my dog eats paper too - he especially likes money...!

    i'm glad that your enthusiasm for blogging has returned - its definitely good to take time out one in a while :)

    your jewellery looks fab, the first keyring is my fav - so cute! x

  10. OOO, love your blog. Just popping over from handmade monday. Must go and check out your giveaway too - there's always so much to do on a Monday evening!

  11. Awww sweet kitty, and very pretty.
    BTW I love that watch on a keychain, what a great idea. I find I never wear a watch anymore, but I don't always want to pull out my cell phone to check the time. Very smart.

  12. What an adorable little cat! I love the keyring with the lovehearts on it, looks so sugary!