Thursday, 2 August 2012

Marshmallows, Love Hearts and Dolly Mixtures

After completing the sweet keyring as featured on my last post I was asked to make one up for a friend. I completed that and got a good response. So I went away, got jiggy with the fimo (really not my favourite material to work with as I tend to burn more stuff than what I cook correctly). However I managed to come out with enough beads to make up several new designs. I then remembered that I had been sent a bag of Dolly Mixture beads which I haven't known what to do with for ages. I crafted on down, took the photos and upload them to my Folksy store yesterday morning. I was delighted to find that two sold last night. With a bit of luck I may be on to a winner.

So I thought I would share the photos with you just to see what the general consensus was :)

'Cute Kid' Key Charm

'Wild Thing' Bag Charm

Sold last night - Dolly Mixtures meet Mallows

Sold - Wild Thing Retro sweet Charms
Depending on how they go down I may make some more. Got some plans for the Christmas Candy Canes, gingerbread men and xmas puds :)

Last reminder! Don't forget to join in my crafty give away. This winner will be picked on Saturday. Just click the link (Relaunch Give Away) and leave a comment to be entered. Best of luck and thanks to everyone who has entered so far!

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  1. These all get my vote. Not suprised that you have sold some already as these are a fab design and lovely colours. hugs Mrs A.