Friday, 31 August 2012

Halloween Themed Craft Swap! Sign up now.

I'm holding a craft swap! Why? Why not? I love to see other peoples talents and skills so I want to invite you all to take part. Below are some of the rules and reasons - just to give you an idea on what to expect. I want to invite you all - your craft does not matter. I think it is time to share the talent ;)

What is a 'Swap'?
Swaps come in all shapes and sizes and take place all over the world. Sometimes they are themed, sometimes they are just held for fun. The idea is to secretly create a handmade gift for a randomly chosen individual whilst working with the rules set out during that swap, sending the gift out to the recipient and then sharing the gift you receive in turn. Most swaps are held to make something the recipient will find useful or like. Swaps are a way of sharing your love of crafting, having the great feeling you have created a lovely one of piece that someone will own, and in return receiving a gift just as lovingly thought of.

Do I get paid?
No. You will need to budget for £5 worth of materials for your crafted item. This will not include the cost of the postage and packaging you are going to pay to send the item out.

Who can enter?
You must be over 16 to enter the swap. You must have a Facebook page, blog or website where you can post pictures of your received gift. You must be able to produce a gift that is handmade by you, the craft however is up to you. You can be a paper crafter, jewellery maker, knitter or sewer. You may be able to wood turn or create lovely candles. You must remember that the theme is Halloween, and you must be able to produce something that your recipient will like or find useful.

When will I get the details of whom I am crafting for?
Details will be sent out via email to you by Sunday 9th September at the latest (this is dependant on how many entries we receive! It may be a little earlier).

Is there a deadline?
Yes. Once you have received the details of the person you are crafting for you will need to have the item crafted and sent out no later than the 17th October 2012. You will not be encourage to open you gift until the 31st October 2012. This is a Halloween Swap after all.

Is there anything else?
Yes. You will be required to enter by email ( will then be sent out an email for confirmation in return. You will need to answer a handful of questions (fun ones!) about who you are and what you like. You will be required to give a postal address. You will also need to leave the address of your blog/Facebook page/website. This is so that on the 31st of October, when everyone has opened their parcels you can up load you pictures to show the other swappers and so I can link the pages together from one central point.

Finally, you don't need to run your own business. You just need to have a love for crafting! Hobbyist or full time seller it doesn't matter. However if you would like a little more traffic to your website or you blog it won't hurt. The added bonus is you may make a brand new friend.


P.S. Don't forget, the details are a secret. Don't go giving away the details or angled photos thinking we won't know. I'll be checking ;)

Enter by emailing me here:
Please contact me if you have any questions.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, Kat....not sure I'm able to join in this one, though, much as I'd like....somebody keeps stealin' time....I'm still back in May!...hahaa!
    Thanks for havin' a nosey around my blog, and so glad you decided to stay around....didn't scare you off, then? just been over to Folksy to order my keyrings.....squeeeeeeeal!!