Friday, 24 August 2012

It's all about the Owls

This past week and a half has been unbelievably busy. Unfortunately not with crafting, but with the 'other' job. With the boss off it's left me in charge and as is usually the case we have had nothing but incident after accident after issue. Always the way when you have no one else to turn to.

However thankfully I have had a couple of days off and in respect had time to catch up with a bit of cleaning and organising. Part of my plan was to sort out the home so that the place is less cluttered and my craft supplies are neatly stock piled. It will take a lot longer than the few hours I've put into so far, but in the next couple of weeks I should have a clutter free home with plenty of space to create that next project.

Talking about the plan, as of next week I will be writing regular posts dedicated to my plan and how to start your own. I am hoping some of you will find it useful and the rest of you I hope will find it an interesting read. As always I am looking forward to reading your comments. Everyone in this community is very supportive which allows us to share our tips and tricks. Where else would you find such friendly people?

I have also been planning my Halloween Swap, which I will be launching the first week of September. I have had quite a few people show an interest. All crafts and skills will be welcome to join, so if you haven't put your hand up yet, by all means please do! I will write the sign up post in a couple of days time.

Now for some crafting...

Owls continue to shine in the crafty spot light at the moment and over the past couple of months I have sold a number of Owl based plushies, including my little avatar character! Two more joined my Folksy store this week.

Baby Blue - Click here to find me!

This is Baby Blue. The baby blue owl that takes away all those sad feelings with nothing more than a simple cuddle.

Owl of Trust - Click here to find me!

This is the Owl of Trust - the perfect low cost pet for that person with all the secrets.

I am hoping these guys will find new homes soon as they were certainly lovingly made. I am hoping to add a couple of other slightly more festively themed in the next few weeks but we shall see how time goes. 

The other cool thing that happened is I decided to get some new Business Cards printed. I used to use Vista Print but I had heard so many good things about that I just had to give them a go. I was so happy with the turn out - I ordered them on Sunday and I got the bad boys on Wednesday. Excellent! The photos are a little 'warmer' than I expected and I will need to adjust that for the next batch, but over all, I can't complain. I used the cover photo from my Facebook page on the front, and then my little owl avatar on the back. They are clean, easy to read and just have the essential contact points and pages listed. I would recommend this company a thousand times over!

However, I have projects to finish. Check back on Sunday where I will be joining the Handmade Monday crowd. 


  1. Those little owls are so cute! I have heard a lot of good things about Moo, including yours now, so I think I'm tempted to use them next time I need business cards!

  2. Owls always make me feel better...hahaa! Lookin' forward to some tips on how to de-clutter my stash....had a whole shelf of pretty stuff fall down today....far too much on there, lol.

  3. My partner loves owls but I think he is a bit old for one of these lovely little gems.