Sunday, 12 February 2012

Facebook Fans: The winners

The one thing that helps a company go from strength to strength isn't so much what you sell, it's the support of the customers. The web has given small companies a chance to continue to trade long after the large corporations have pushed many from the brick and mortar stores.

Thank you to everyone over the last few weeks for showing your support. If it's one thing I've learnt from local trading it's that happy customers come back. Plus the occasional give away, competition and freebie always goes down well right? ;)

So in order to say thank you to our customers we held a little give away - so I guess you guys want to know who won what right? Rather than announce this on Facebook and break plenty of hidden rules and regulations, you have instead found yourselves here, at our Blog. So hi from our blog page :) I would like to remind everyone that took part the winners were picked at random via Your comments were counted (1 at the top - the first comment, and each numbered down from there) the total placed into the number generator and the random number relates to that comment. Hello lucky winner!

This first prize was this:

The winner of our Chainmaille Bracelet is: Comment number 5, written by Tonya Duprey
Congratulations to Tonya!

The second prize was:

A Fimo Pencil and Sharpener earring set.
This winner is comment number number 9 written by Hazel Christopher
Congratulations Hazel!

Next there was this:

Fimo Cream Cake earrings (hungry yet? I am!)
The winner is the author of comment number 7 - Kelly Mitchell
Congratulations Kelly!

Then finally there was the mystery prize. Since it's nearly Valentines we thought 'hey, why not?' So here it is:

Swarovski Crystal choker and earring set.
The winner of the 'no longer a mystery prize' is comment number 13 (unlucky for some but this person!)
Lulu Marie Osborne!!


If the lucky winners could contact me here: with you shipping details and your prizes will be winging their way over to you.

Congratulations to all our winners. Thank you for everyone who has taken part! Your support is appreciated. Don't feel too down if you didn't win, our customers come first and as a result we will be holding other Give Aways throughout the year. All you need to do is keep an eye and ear open. In the meantime feel free to leave comments and feedback and of course pop by our Folksy store!

*Huge hugs to everyone*

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