Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

So here's the thing - last week three lovely people awarded me with this here award. Now I can't win a game of noughts and crosses, let alone something a funky as this award. There's a bunch of cool rules that you have to follow so in order to make this fair I am only doing this the once - but with a huge THANK YOU to Polly PolkadotMaria and Little Harriet. You guys totally rock, so cheers guys! I never knew people actually enjoyed reading my somewhat random posts. That's flattery of the highest degree!

So rule number one: Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award.

Hey - ahead of the game for once! 

Rule number two: Share 7 random things about yourself.


1. I hate food shopping. The way people stand in the middle of the aisle trying to work out if they want low fat or full fat yoghurt. It makes me want to scream. Food is food. Some is good for you, some, not so much. But here's the deal, we only live this life once so if you want to waste it checking out the nutritional value of celery, please do it where I can't walk into you. 

2. I believe spiders are from out of space. No really, I do!

3. My favourite author has got to be David Eddings. Anyone who can write a book that is that easy to read, and have such loveable character in it deserves God status!

4. The only other colour in my wardrobe other than black is currently red. I would have black paint on my walls if I could - however I think the landlord might just kick my butt into next year if I did. 

5. If I am not buying handmade one of the few other stores you'll find me in is Londons 'Forbidden Planet'. My credit card always gets a bashing when I go there. And the best part is... most of the time I can't tell you what I actually bought.

6. Alice Cooper is my idol. His albums rule the rock world.

7. I plan on making a whole bunch of bat cushions when I get back from my honeymoon. Big enough so that they wrap around your shoulders and makes vegging that little bit more comfortable. And right in time for the winter creeping up too!

And rule number three: Award seven recently discovered bloggers with this award and contact them to let them know they have won.

(This is really hard by the way - and two I would have awarded already awarded me so I had to think some on this!)

1. Dorset Girl - That's some nifty work on those letters, and I love the tooth fairy boxes!
2. Goblin Dreams - Mix fairies and steam punk and you have my attention.
3. Itsamistry designs - Always a pleasure to read and some lovely designs.
4. Gifts by Jenny - Great blog... that and her creations are the cutest!
5. Curious Cat Creative - A talent I wish I had.
6. Ros Made Me - I love reading her posts, a truly versatile blogger :)
7. 1st Unique gifts - How could I miss the inventor of Handmade Monday out? 'sides, I want a hedgehog too.

The thing is that was real hard... because I couldn't decide on the 7 for ages. All the blogs I read I enjoy...otherwise I wouldn't read them. So to everyone I didn't get to mention... You're all spectacular! 

And finally... to contact everyone I have awarded!


  1. Yes, it took me all week to contact my seven - and that was with some of you spotting yourself.
    With 3 awards you can be certain you deserve the award!

  2. congratulations great read I agree about the food shop cant think of anything worse xxxx

  3. Thanks for my award - I will get round to doing my bit at the weekend (I hope!)
    And David Eddings! - wow, that's a blast from the past! I used to love his books, and had forgotten all about them - off to browse on Amazon now I think :)