Monday, 4 July 2011

Handmade Monday - 23 already?

Wow week 23 for Handmade Monday already? Where has the time gone??

However as usual full of loads of interesting reads and great blogs so I insist you all go over and check it out! 1st unique gifts

I am getting closer to a mental break down of nerves now. I have less than a month and I am beginning to feel strain that I think most women only feel during child birth. I have spent so much time redecorating the house that I have seen enough emulsion to last me a life time. Which means everything crafty has been sat on the back bench :( Way not good for the soul this cleaning thing!

I did find time to nip over to Wendy's to pick up a couple of gifts (okay - two were for me but gifts to myself are just fine right?). I was so happy with the items and I can't wait to give one to my mum. But that's an 'after wedding, once you've driven me to the airport and look after my house for a week' gift, so I'll have to wait.

 The other is sitting on my bathroom door ready for the big day - I can't be doing with the 'where is your bathroom' question... especially since it's right next to the back door, by the garden, where weather permitting everyone will be.

I also asked the lovely Lucie at Angels and Diamonds to commission a bracelet for me - mainly for the honeymoon. However I am so happy with the result I think it will be worn before then! Nip over a have a peek at the excellent goth bracelet! Angels and Diamonds - soooooo excited about it ;)

So in-between my shopping and repainting everything in sight, I knocked together yet more wreaths the other day. I have so many now my lounge looks like its being invaded. It's like day of the Triffids, only with artificial ivy and roses. Might make for a B Movie blockbuster... However, worst of all is the fact that they all look really random now. I know what the finished look should be, but right now its just a load of 'stuff'.

I tried my hand at some sugar craft yesterday. Thought I would get some practice in before the wedding cake it done. I have to state I took no photos because I was so ashamed at my attempts. The good news is I have a friend that is gonna show me the ins and outs. I never thought that making an ivy leaf in icing would be hard - but if you don't have a clue...don't touch the sugar and leave it to the experts!

And finally...

...I would also like to thank the lovely people that awarded me last week!! I will spend some time tomorrow and complete the do by actually doing the awards in return. I was so flattered. I was all bouncy at the time. I think my other half thought I had O.D.ed on Haribo or something. Which in retrospect I can't blame him. Haribo after all is like the food of the gods!

So I reply in kind tomorrow!
Until then I will blog hop to my hearts content!


  1. Well, it was a surprise seeing my things on here - you should've introduced yourself in the purchasing process! :-) Glad you like them anyway. I love your bracelet from Angels and Diamonds too! Let's hope the chaos settles down soon for you x

  2. LOL 4 weeks then I can relax! Hope it was a good surprise.

  3. And breathe! What a chaotic week! I'm loving the gifts they're so sweet and the wreaths look great. I'm with you on the haribo addiction, I live about 2 minutes away from the Haribo factory and they have a great little outlet shop!
    Hope you have time to put your feet up this week.

  4. Calm down you will be frazzeld by the time you get to the big day, all will be well and it is over so quick,so enjoy every moment

  5. Hope you can relax and enjoy these next few weeks - it will get so exciting when the day finally arrives but do try to take time to make sure you give yourself time out to remember everything on the day.

    Ali x

  6. glad to see you enjoyed your gifts of course you deserve to be treated good luck for the big day xx

  7. You sound very busy!!! I'm sure you'll be able to master the sugar craft :)

  8. That is a shame about the sugar craft, i bet it wasnt as bad as you think :) i really enjoyed making your bracelet.. it should arrive with you today :)xx

  9. I did worry that an award, would just add to your workload!!
    I can say that sugarcraft was the only thing I did towards my big day, I delegated everything else. It takes a lot of accidents before you get it, and then you wonder why, because it becomes so simple. (Mind you I only perfected sweetpeas). Good luck. and calm down!