Friday, 11 January 2013

The old fame

I never expected for the mini monster guys to go so well. Over Christmas I was having to churn out custom orders - which was fantastic. 

I started to experiment during the middle of last year with making them into plush toys but one thing lead to another and the patterns and furs got shoved into a bag and hidden from sight. I have been inspired to pull the bag out again to give them another go. My only concern is the eyes. I would love the get some good quality glass eyes but everywhere I look they seem to be really expensive. I guess I must have missed a trick somewhere so if you know a place that sells them at a reasonable price I would love to hear from you.

These bad boys are up for sale at the moment, and I have a collection of others half finished. I have started to do some more interesting designs now - including a cute pair as a Mr & Mrs. Just thought they would be fun to create :) I'll post the pics when I'm done.

Most of these have sold but yet they still breed.

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